Friday, 22 September 2017
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About Us

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Aiming at becoming the leader company in domestic and overseas transportation, Opalay Airport Taxi Transfer & Transportation Limited Company has been conducting its activities with a concept that has made it a principle to provide the best services to its customers by using the developing technology and that is always open for innovation with an objective to grow continuously.

Our company that was founded in Antalya in 2006 under Opalay group of companies has accomplished transfer and transportation services in;

*Personal and family-specific transportation services,
*University conferences,
*Camping periods of football teams,
*Congress, Seminar and Meetings,
*Tour and journey organizations of both local and foreign travel agencies


* A hassle-free transfer and transportation in your vacation or journey,
* Receiving services on time without waiting,
* Traveling with cheap but comfortable vehicles instead of cheap but bad vehicles
* Seeing a smiling personnel,
* Receiving a quality and nice service in exchange of your money


* Rendering a hassle-free transfer and transportation service in your vacation or journey
* Meeting our customers on time without keeping them waiting,
* Delivering services with low and economical prices but with comfortable vehicles
* Seeing that our customers depart with smiling faces
* Delivering the best services for the price that our customers pay


The goal of Opalay Airport Taxi Transfer & Transportation Limited Company is of course to be successful and grow bigger. As in all other sectors, we know that we can’t achieve this goal without gaining the trust of our customers.

In the light of this awareness, we are ready to serve you with our;
* Professional Personnel
* 7/24 hours service
* Clean, well-maintained, tourism package vehicles, and
* Any kind of insurance against any accident